Saturday, April 25, 2015

Naples Area Clubs Dry Tortugas Fishing Expedition

Our many thanks to the Windstar Fishing Club & the Marco Fishing Clubs from the Naples/Ft. Myers area in their quest to "stomp the fish boxes" & win the largest edible fishing contest in their recent Dry Tortugas fishing trip overnight aboard the Emily Anne with Adventure Watersport Charters out of Key West.
Dry Tortugas Fishing
Fishing the Dry Tortugas
Mahi on the troll
The first team ended up with several large Mahi-Mahi, Red Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail, Cero Mackerel, not to mention the good sixed Barracuda, Trigger fish, and an ice box full of Big Lane Snapper. Steve caught the largest 28” Red Grouper, Tom caught the largest Mahi-Mahi at 30”, and a 21” Mutton Snapper, and Mike caught the largest at 19” Lane Snapper. Jerry, Hansen, Clyde all caught Mahi-Mahi, Red Grouper, and one after another Yellow Tail to 24”.

Both Captains Jack and Brian took turns cooking great meals and putting out snacks, while also working constantly putting fish in the ice boxes, cutting more bait, and repairing rigs. The food was great, the fishing constant once we hit our spots, the companionship really fun, with a lot of laughs. 

The second team couldn't refuse the challenge from team #1 in the largest fish contest between the boats. When all was said and done, the 2 teams caught over 16 different species of fish with Ken (team #2) winning the largest edible fish with his 43 1/2 inch Wahoo. Ken also boated a real nice black Fin Tuna, while Ed's 49 inch Barracuda didn't qualify as an edible fish even though the locals eat them here in Key West. Keith caught the other nice Wahoo along with the 37" Mahi, while Don reeled in the 35" Mahi. Eric fought a large fish, for 2.5 hrs only to finally cut the line on the monster mystery fish. He also boated a very nice mutton snapper. Turk developed a knack for catching Yellow Tail as he slammed fish after fish into the cooler aided by the rest of the team. Overall a true adventurous, unique, and memorable fishing trip. All in all, everyone, all 12 of us, had a memorable trip with lots of laughs, good times, and fish caught by all. It was a great trip!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Krug Yearly Family Fishing Expedition

Though the winds were whipp'in & the waves rock'in, it surely didn't stop this yearly family fishing trip get together from Calif to Florida, with Julian, Jonathan, Billy, John & Claire-Marie. 

 Hauling in their share of good sized Groupers, Mahi, Muttons, Flag Yellowtails, & yes even one possible state record Grey Triggerfish to top the trip off with, this crew had it goin' on 'round the clock!

It was great fun to have you back once again, and yes, already reserved for next year!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Miami Firefighters Do It Again!

What a great group of guys these returning Miami firefighters are (Moe, Mike, Steve, Randy, Al & Ray); and boy, these guys surely know the meaning of the phrase "how to fish"! 

Never disappointed each and every time stuffing the fish boxes full and them some. Several large Black, Red & Strawberry Groupers topped the list with even more Mutton Snapper, taking up the large part of their catch. You guys never cease to amaze!

   See you all again next month for your next Dry Tortugas fishing adventure with us, and next time we'll "order better weather" for you all!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Moore Spearfishing Adventures

WOW!! Talk about pick your fish?? This family team (John, Chandler, Jay, Leo, Paul & Andrew) of very skilled spearfishermen sure picked out what they wanted while spearfishing Key West to the Dry Tortugas. 
Liveaboard Spearfishing Key West
Dry Tortugas Spearfishing
 Almost limiting out with several monster Groupers to Mutton Snappers, Flag Yellowtails, a couple of prize Permits & one bad a@* Dolphin thrown in for good measure, these guys stuffed 3 fish boxes full to the brims and had a blast doing it!!

   Not to mention several record breaking personal "bests" as well! 


We'll definitely see you guys again much sooner than later for another fun filled adventure!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's A Family Affair....Smith Family Fishing Reunion

After a 2 year loooong wait, the Smith Family (Stan, Mike, Bryan, Stan Jr, Henry & Gary) were able to reunite for yet another fun packed time fishing the Dry Tortugas with us. 


Not only the joy of being together, but catching some bad #@$ Red Groupers, (with Gary catching the largest at 34"), a school full of Mahi, & a variety of others during the spring spawn down here in Key West, made for yet another memorable adventure. 
Hope to see you guys more often now with everyone back from overseas serving our country. Thank you for your service and the continued fun!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Learning to Dive

Congratulations to our 3 newest learn to dive students, Ivy, Josh and David.  All the way from Toronto, these students from China were more than adventureous jumping into the big blue ocean with Dive Instructor Jack on their quest to learn to scuba dive. 

They all did a great job & are on their way to their open water certifications!

Casad Family Key West Diving

Thanks to Susan and Shane for sticking out mother nature on their Key West dives with Adventure Watersport Charters. 

Though the seas were a bit rough, the underwater world was as peaceful and alive as it could be!